College Students: What Car is Best for You?


KENNESAW, Ga. – For college students, car shopping can be quite exciting.

With so many options to choose from, such as vehicle type, color, engine, or customization, it can be really easy to forget the other things that are just as important. Things such as price, mileage, life span, maintenance, etc., are key ingredients when it comes to buying a car.

The way cars look often appeals to college students. College students tend to want something that showcases their personality.

For Jeeps, college students like “the independence of it,” said Timmy Prince, salesman of The Pre-Owned Jeep Store.

“You can take the top off and if it’s inclement weather you can still go anywhere, so it makes you more independent,” Prince said.


The Pre-Owned Jeep Store. (Photo by Sarah Keefe)

Individuals have their own preference when it comes to types or brands of cars. However, geographical location can have a lot of sway in determining which vehicle to buy. For example, in Southern states, like Georgia, individuals tend to see more Jeeps and trucks, whereas in Western states, such as California, cars are more likely to be luxurious.

Another factor is what car a college student wants versus what a college student purchases. College students typically buy used cars because the price and value of the car is lower than it would be for a new car.

“College students usually drive a Honda,” Prince said.”They’re small and they’re cheap and they get good gas mileage.”

Every car has their pros and cons, so car purchases mainly depend on the individual and what they are looking for.

“The pros are they’re fun, they will last forever, and they’re tough as nails, and they are safe cars,” says Prince of Jeeps. “The cons, obviously unless you get a four door, there is not a lot of room in them, they’re not the greatest gas mileage car.”

“I think Fords have come a long way,” says Rob Johanos, who has worked for Tidwell Ford, AutoNation, has owned Capital Auto Brokers, and currently works at The Pre-Owned Jeep Store. “I think all the Fords have had service problems, but I think the newer Fords are more reliable.”

According to Johanos, comparing Jeeps to Hondas, or any car for that matter, is “two different worlds.”

“I don’t think brand has anything to do with it,” Johanos said. “I think they just have to find a car that suites them and they like and enjoy and don’t mind paying for it. I know the Ford Focus. That kind of car is a real good car. The Chevrolet now are great. I think Jeeps are great. I don’t necessarily think it’s brand. I think you just have to find something reliable.”


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