Cobblestone Golf Course Sees Change, New Growth


ACWORTH, Ga. – For 23 years now Cobblestone Golf Course has been a staple in the lakeside community in northern Cobb County. Much like the town it is in, the course has seen great change and continues to grow.

Cobblestone Golf Course is a municipal golf course located just a short 35 miles north of Atlanta. Cobblestone was originally founded in 1993 not far from historic downtown Acworth. Cobblestone would go on to become one of the top municipal golf courses in the state according to Golf Digest.

“So many of the golfers that come here to Cobblestone are either from Acworth or the surrounding area and you cannot only see but also feel a sense of community,” said Steve Wagner, head golf pro at Cobblestone. “This place, this golf course, means something to the golfers and it is one of the reasons why the course is popular and so highly acclaimed.”

The city of Acworth uses the tagline “The Lake City” when it describes the historic town. People near and far come to Acworth to enjoy the city’s lake.

Cobblestone is situated on the banks of Lake Acworth, linking the golf course and the city of Acworth. Cobblestone is a place to learn the game of golf by the course’s many certified instructors.

“In the summertime, when the lake is in full use, is when it is the best time to play here at Cobblestone,” Wagner said. “Lake Acworth provides a beautiful backdrop for our course and it is nice to see people both utilizing the lake and playing golf.”

One of the major things that set Cobblestone apart from other municipal golf courses is the Cobblestone Men’s Golf Association. Founded in 2002, the men’s association promotes competitive play in tournament form. Each month the golf course plays host to a men’s association event. This group differentiates Cobblestone from other municipal courses.

In 2010 Cobblestone went through a major renovation that saw the implementation of a more competitive course. After the renovation, the in-house golf academy saw a boost in enrollees and potential future golfers.

In addition to its golf academy, Cobblestone will host the Golf Channel Amateur Tour later in March.

“Every day there is something going on at this golf course, no matter if that is a child learning how to play golf for the first time or one of our many regulars coming back to enjoy the game they love,” said Ashley Byrd, superintendent of Cobblestone. “There are quite a few characters that come here to play but they along with all of the events that we have, just add to the atmosphere that makes Cobblestone so enjoyable to come to.”

In the years that followed the major course renovation, Cobblestone was honored with many awards and accolades. Golf Magazine awarded Cobblestone a spot in “The Top 100 Courses You Can Play” and 2011 Best Municipal Courses in the U.S. by Golfweek.

Whether that is the community atmosphere, championship level of play or the ability to learn the game of golf, Cobblestone does not fit the stereotype that accompanies golf courses with the name “municipal” attached to it.


1 thought on “Cobblestone Golf Course Sees Change, New Growth

  1. Finally. if there was a golf course that need a “makeover” it was cobblestone.
    Great to hear.


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