Omega Learning Helps Students Reach New Heights


SMYRNA, Ga. — For some students, the classroom can be a difficult place to learn. A new tutoring center, Omega learning center in Smyrna, wants students to help students feel they have a place to learn and succeed.

Walgreens pharmacist manager Nirav Shah talks about why he invested in the organization: “Omega is a brand name in the south and they’re trying to expand more.”

Omega learning center provides a wide-ranging of tutoring solutions. It is led by certified teachers for every K-12 school subject.

Omega tutors understand that every student is different, and develops a custom program for each student. The program is based on current study habits, grades and family goals.

Students work with the same tutor each week. Consistency helps the tutors to observe each student’s learning style and allows tutors to employ specific techniques to achieve results.

Omega learning center director Mintu Chheda said the center isn’t just for regular students. They also work with students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

“Students with disabilities are going to fair better with small group instruction, which is our motto,” said Chheda.

Omega tutors both K-12 students and college students.

Chheda said one of the major focuses of the center is to improve students’ critical reading ability and grammar. They do this with an increased use in technology.

“When it comes to writing we’re focused on structure writing because in this day and age social media and the mobile world writing skills have deteriorated significantly,” said Chheda.

Students receive pre- and post-tests to demonstrate academic growth. Programs include a conference with the tutor at the halfway point. There also is a final conference to review the post assessment and academic growth.

Omega centers are available in every state. Omega has achieved the highest level of educational accreditation in the country.


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