Supporting and Promoting High Quality Undergraduate Research and Scholarship


KENNESAW, Ga. — When you think of undergraduate research, you generally think of science, math, technology, psychology, or other academic disciplines. Undergraduate arts research is generally not an immediate connection that comes to mind.

However, two students from Kennesaw State University are attempting to break that stereotype.

The department of dance at Kennesaw does not only produce performers, but dedicated researchers as well. Two students were recently accepted to present their work at the national conference on undergraduate research in April.

Senior Siciliy Ledford has dedicated the last seven months researching how dance can affect and impact the lives of others.

“My research is about dance in K-12 public school and how to bring dance to public schools in hopes that it will instill a sense of need,” said Ledford.


Dance major and NCUR researcher Sicily Ledford. (Photo by Meghan Roberts)

Ledford created her own model called Project Move. It includes a packet for teachers with a four step process for creative movement. She currently is focusing on fourth and fifth grades, but she would like to expand to other grades in the future.

“The goal is to make dance valued in public schools,” said Ledford.

Senior Simon Phillips is also hoping to show how dance can be impactful in the daily lives of dancers and non-dancers alike.

“It’s called The Hum Project,” said Phillips. “It’s outlining the connection between the body and the mind by using dance as a this creatively expressive movement practice that anyone can do.”

Both Ledford and Phillips will present their work at Radnocular, a research event for the college of the arts held this Friday.

“The research you do doesn’t necessarily have to be rooted in your craft. Mine is interdisciplinary, incorporating psychology,” said Phillips.

Ledford and Phillips will present their work to a national audience at the national conference on undergraduate research. It is being held on April 7-9 in Asheville, North Carolina.

The conference is presented by the council of undergraduate research. The council’s website lists its mission as supporting and promoting high quality undergraduate research and scholarship.


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