KSU Finishes Construction on Sturgis Library


KENNESAW, Ga. — Kennesaw State University has finished all major construction on the Sturgis library.

Last August, the ground floor of the library was renovated. It re-opened as the learning commons and construction on first floor began. Today, the library is complete with an expanded new look to better accommodate students.

Back in 2013, the Georgia general assembly awarded KSU over $4 million toward renovations. Construction began in March 2015.Today the renovated first floor is complete with new furniture, tables, mac computers, study rooms, and a video wall.

“I think the space is definitely more usable for students, we have almost double the amount of computers we had before the renovation,” said science librarian Laurie Aycock.

Prior to the renovation, students didn’t have as much open access to everything the library offers. The new space gives students endless options for studying.

“We have technology in the study rooms now that you didn’t have before, so you can plug your laptop in and work together with your group,” said Aycock.

People visiting the library have an opportunity to take a look at what’s really going on at KSU by viewing the video wall.

“The video wall has scheduled programming that displays videos highlighting initiatives on campus,” said UITS specialist Michael Leitmann.

Right now the wall has videos playing from the UITS department. Students can sit and watch KSU’s commercial, clips from the marching owls’ inaugural season and more.

The Sturgis library will now be a central location for campus events starting with Ted-X on April 16. The event will feature networking and information sessions as well as performances from KSU speakers and artists.

Students and faculty appear to be pleased with the overall look and are encouraged to take advantage of the library’s resources.

More renovations are expected as the university grows.


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