KSU Owls ‘Feeling The Bern’


KENNESAW, Ga. — Although Bernie Sanders is seen as the underdog of presidential candidates, he isn’t out of the race yet. At Kennesaw State University, Sanders supporters are helping the senator’s campaign in any way they can.

Vermont senator Sanders is in the race to win the democratic nomination. He’s running against Hillary Clinton for the general election in November. KSU Owls for Bernie is an organization on campus that advocates on behalf of Sanders.

The group raises awareness about the issues. They also aim to get young people voting.

“This organization and supporting his campaign is the most important thing I’ve done in my whole life,” said Zach McDowell, president of KSU Owls for Bernie. “Sanders is so politically rare in how he is so honest and so real.”

Jonathan Phelps and Zach McDowell. (Photo by Jesus Aguilar) 

Primary voting is over in Georgia, but the KSU Owls for Bernie continue to spread the word. The members believe that Sanders will make it to the general election, and are supporting him in various ways. They are also registering students to vote on campus. And they have gone out to canvass in the community. They will host events with keynote speakers on campus inviting students to come listen and make donations for the campaign.

KSU Owls for Bernie member Jonathon Phelps says he feels Sanders can be trusted.

“I support the Bernie sanders campaign for his consistency, transparency, and ethical reliability,” said Phelps.

The club is a fairly new organization on campus, and it has already drawn attention from Sanders supporters. The organization started at the beginning of this semester, and membership reached its peak a week before the Georgia primary.

“I can’t remember a single conversation that didn’t start or end in ‘go vote’,” said Phelps.

With every state’s caucus, the organization is only motivated more to remind people to vote. The organization looks to become the university’s first young progressive discussion group after the general election is over in November.

The group’s new focus then will be on state and local candidates who will be running for office. The group will continue to help students become more informed about politics.


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