‘News and Brews’ Picks Up Steam for The Sentinel


KENNESAW, Ga. — College newspapers across the country are struggling with trying to find new ways to get papers in the hands of students. The Sentinel at Kennesaw State university is no different. Now these students are having to find ways to get students interested.

College newspapers are having a hard time  due to unpopularity of newspapers with today’s youth. According to marketing manager Ian Evans, The Sentinel prints 2,000 copies of every issue. Evans says the problem is that only about 400 get picked up each week.

“Content wise, the paper is better than I’ve ever seen it,” said Evans. “People just aren’t picking it up.”

Faced with the possibility of losing advertisers, The Sentinel’s Editor in Chief Michael Strong came up with an idea called “news and brews.”

“Basically every Wednesday that we print, the staff comes out on the campus green and we pass out the paper and free coffee,” said Strong. “We’re mainly trying to pass out papers, but it’s great to build that awareness too.”

Strong says that news and brews has been a huge hit with their advertisers and with students. He says the staff usually passes out around 400 copies, which is double their normal pick up rate

“I guess people just like free stuff,” said Strong.

Strong says he is always trying to come up with new ways to reach students. His most recent idea is a podcast which he simply calls the station.

“The station is a brand new thing we are trying out, so far people seem to like it a lot,” said Strong.

Website Manager Grayson Adams says that the new podcast is now on The Sentinel’s website as well as iTunes. Adams says that there are not that many listeners right now. In the future, a whole staff could be dedicated to just producing podcasts.

According to Evans, the paper is still looking for a company that could help sponsor news and brews and the podcast. Until then, Strong says they will keep doing what they do to keep students informed and aware.


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