KSU’s Career Services Helps Graduating Seniors Land Jobs


KENNESAW, Ga. — Jessie Edens-McCrary and Ashley Jones from career services offer their advice for Kennesaw State University students who will soon be graduating. From resume writing to mock interviews, career services offers an array of services to help students land jobs after college.

What makes KSU’s career services unique is its hybrid set up. The main office is located in Kennesaw hall, but advisers are stationed in the different colleges throughout the campus. Jessie Edens-McCrary works in the college of humanities and social sciences.

“What I do day to day to day is meet with students,” said Edens-McCrary . “I facilitate students getting in internships.”

Internships are valuable experiences to add to a resume. Experience will set you apart from graduates who have not used their resources at KSU.

Jessie Edens-McCrary. (Photo by Krista Drummond)

“All the jobs I’ve had, even though they’ve been completely unrelated, have helped to build my experience,” said Edens-McCrary. “Dream jobs are usually kind of high level and they took a lot of ground work to get to that point, so I would be very realistic about your goals.”

One way to find a job is to attend a career fair. On April 14, career services will have the non-profit and government fair for the first time since 2008.

“When you look at the list of attendees at a traditional spring career fair, they tend to be more corporate,” said Jones.

The non-profit and government fair allows companies to come to KSU at a lower price than the typical spring career fair.

“We’re running like eight to nine career fairs a year,” said Edens-McCrary.

Career services holds specialized career fairs in areas such as education, engineering and mathematics, and non-profit and government.


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