Atlanta-Based Drummer Achieves YouTube Fame


ATLANTA — Casey Cooper is a 24-year old Atlanta-based drummer who has achieved YouTube fame and makes his living off of drumming for others.

Cooper started drumming at the age of six. At the age of eight, Cooper was given his first drum-set. After two drum lessons, Cooper decided that he could better teach himself. He set out to teach himself with a drum stick, drum set and a book in hand.

Then 9/11 happened. Cooper’s family had to relocate to Atlanta because of his father’s airline industry job. His family had to pack up and move to a small apartment. Cooper’s drum set was put in a closet. His drumming was put on hold for a few years.

Years later, in middle school, Cooper became very involved in the school bands. He developed a passion for all music, not just rock. Cooper also learned how to work with a team. He also learned the dynamics of interacting with lots of different types of musicians.

“The middle school band really taught me work ethic, leadership and just showing up on time,” said Cooper. “You don’t think these things would affect music but when you put it all together, these things have made me into the person I am today.”

From there Cooper went on to play for the athletic band at Georgia State University. Cooper then applied to the school of music. But he was denied entry.

“As much as that hurt, it actually turned out to be the best thing,” said Cooper. “Not being in the school of music, gave me the time I needed to focus on my own music.”

Shortly after, Cooper quit college. His YouTube channel started taking off; he reached 100,000 subscribers in one year.


Casey Cooper shows his recent awards and drum set. (Photo by Makayla Sykes)

“I just didn’t want to give myself a back up with the school,” said Cooper. “I didn’t want an excuse.”

Cooper spends hours creating YouTube covers and drum lessons for his 900,000 subscribers. Cooper says the point of his career is to inspire others to be the best they can be, and describes his job as “an honor.”

In 2015, Cooper met the woman who would become his wife, Hannah Condrey. And a year later, the two were married.

“I love music too. We relate with music,” said Condrey. “We both love it and enjoy concerts. I’m glad we have music in common.”

The couple said they have big dreams. A future album and many more concerts are on the table.

Casey and Hannah Cooper both want to inspire people to pick jobs that they love. They also encourage others to use the available technology to make their dreams a reality.


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