Eye Level East Cobb Helps Students Excel


MARIETTA, GA. — Eye Level East Cobb is a learning center in Marietta which offers classes for math and English to help improve children’s education.

Vidhya Venkatasamy has two daughters, Varshini and Vikiashini, enrolled in Eye Level.
Vidhya Venkatasamy is one of the first mothers who joined Eye Level East Cobb a couple months after it opened in the summer of 2011.

Venkatasamy said that she enrolled her two daughters so that they could be given additional work. She wanted them to get ahead of their class at school and develop more confidence.

Now, more than four years later, she says her daughters are excelling in their class at school.

She says they definitely are able to handle the work with much more ease. Venkatasamy also says all the teachers her daughters have are awesome. She says the teachers explain to them what needs to be done or worked on.

“More than that I appreciate Vani, she’s like the awesome person,” said Venkatasamy. “If my kid is not doing well in english or math, if I ask her, she brings the kid to the room and makes them sit and makes sure she catches up to the level. Many friends in my neighborhood also, they think of Vani the same.”

Vani Narasimhan is the director of Eye Level East Cobb. She started the program during the summer of 2011. Eye Level East Cobb has two locations: one of them is off Johnson Ferry Road and the other is off of Sandy Plains Road. Both locations are in Marietta.

“My motivation was to give the best education possible at an affordable price and bringing all the quality that I felt was lacking in other learning centers and tutoring facilities and all those other places,” said Narasimhan.

Narasimhan says if a student isn’t putting in the effort necessary for the work, then the student will not get done he or she needs to get done: “The program can be only as successful as the kid is.”


Vidhya Venkatasamy, parent of students at Eye Level East Cobb. (Photo by Gabriella Jaramillo)


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