Barstool Sports Headquarters Moving To New York City


KENNESAW, Ga. — On Jan. 7, Dave Portnoy announced the Chernin group had purchased a majority stake in Barstool Sports, and that the website will be moving its headquarters to New York City.

No contract has been released. But it has been estimated that Barstool Sports sold for $15 million. Portnoy will continue to run the site and retain complete control over the content.

Barstool sports has grown exponentially over the last decade. It provides a satirical, men’s blog geared toward the common man.

“Even though I’m not the majority owner of barstool anymore, I’m still 100 percent in charge of content,” said Portnoy, who is the editor for the website. “This was not my cash-out moment. This was our best shot to literally take this thing to the moon.”

Barstool has operated out of Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Iowa. Portnoy hopes the move will bring the whole group together to ensure optimal content.

“It’s the right move, because in my heart of hearts, I believe Barstool is better at what we do,” said Portnoy. “Over the last 10 years, we’re funnier, smarter, better, prettier, than everybody else who is stealing our shtick on the Internet.”

One of Barstool’s biggest goals is to become a household name in every major city. Last week Portnoy, Dan “Big Cat” Katz, and Kevin “KFC” Clancy visited Atlanta to interview potential Barstool employees.

“I joined Barstool Sports last fall, but the fact that they want to bring me to New York with them shows the commitment they have to growing the brand,” said employee Caleb Pressley.

As Barstool Sports continues to develop into a media megastar, many will question its methods. It’s been described as sexist, misogynistic, and arrogant. Despite this, there is no denying Barstool Sports’s popularity and appeal.

You can view Barstool Sports’ website here.


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