KSU Alumnus Founds Successful Jerky Business


ATLANTA — Savage Jerky is making a name for itself as the next big company in the jerky industry.

Savage Jerky was founded by a Kennesaw State University alumnus in 2013. The company recently reached $1 million in revenue. The news of Savage Jerky’s recent success is only rivaled by the story of how the company got its start.

According to president and CEO Brad Summey, Savage Jerky began in the summer of 2013 on a road trip from Washington, D.C. to Nashville. On the return trip they stopped at several ‘mom and pop’ type stores in search of high quality, spicy beef jerky.

“Unfortunately, we never found any, so I decided I would make it myself,” said Summey.

Savage Jerky has received numerous awards over the past few years. The company has more than one hundred and 35 five-star reviews on Facebook. Last year it won the world championship in the entire beef jerky category at the Louisiana hot sauce exposition.

Last fall it also won first place and people’s choice at the peach state chili cook-off. It was the company’s first entry in such an event.

Currently the company is getting ready to roll out five new products, including three new flavors of jerky: a traditional, teriyaki and cracked pepper and sea salt. In addition, it is rolling out a Carolina reaper and hot sauce beef jerky, both of which the CEO claims are incredibly spicy.

Michelle Summey is the wife of Brad Summey and vice president of Savage Jerky. She spoke about some upcoming events that people can look forward to.

“This weekend we’ll be at Suwanee beer fest in Suwanee, Ga!” said Michelle Summey.

The Summeys will be attending several events locally throughout the spring and summer. The Summeys will also be traveling to Louisiana for the Louisiana hot sauce expo again this year in April.

Savage Jerky has set a goal of $3 million in revenue by 2016.

Savage Jerky can be found in most stores or online.

Brad and Michelle Summey. (Photo by Ben Baxley)

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