‘Brain, Mind, Body’: The Secret to Brain Growth and Repair


HOUSTON — A former special education teacher named Dr. Louise Hayes from Houston has found a successful formula to stimulate brain growth and repair.

Her previous experience with teaching students with mental and physical disabilities spurred her interest in the process of the brain. Hayes spent 29 years as a special education teacher.

“This prompted me to discover all that I could about how the brain develops, how it works, how it’s supposed to work, and why it sometimes doesn’t work and what we could do for ourselves to make it work better,” said Hayes.

She founded Brain Growth and Repair in 2010.

Hayes giving a lecture on brain growth and repair. (Photo by Frances Farmer)

Hayes started her company to educate the public on how to strengthen its mental connections, and soon realized the health implications of her work. Her findings help with recovery from brain damage, brain disease and emotional trauma.

Hayes began speaking on the “brain, mind, body” approach as a result.

“These are the three parts of us that can be used to bring about dramatic change in our lives,” said Hayes.

Hayes recommends several exercises to get the brain, mind and body on the same page.

“Doing the exercises daily helped me overcome my social anxiety,” said Carrie Kerr, a student of Brain Growth and Repair.

Hayes hails two things, deep breathing and drinking water, as the most important to prepare your brain for growth.

Hayes offers the opportunity to purchase books, downloads and DVDs on these topics. New books on stress relief will become available soon.

Visit braingrowthandrepair.com for more information.


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