Incident at West 22 Raises Concerns Over Campus Safety


KENNESAW, Ga. — A recent incident with a Kennesaw State University campus housing resident has some questioning whether or not their home away from home is really safe.

24-year-old Christyn Boone is a resident at West 22 apartments. Boone suffered a traumatic experience two weeks ago.

Boone had just gotten off work late at night and noticed an old pickup truck with three unidentified men. She did not think much of the vehicle or its occupants until an unknown older man followed her onto the elevator.

“I just did not get a good vibe from the gentleman,” said Boone. “He clearly does not attend Kennesaw State, and I just felt like he was up to no good.”

Boone proceeded to exit the elevator and head in the direction of her room. She noticed the man was slowly following her from behind. She became very frightened and quickly entered her room and locked the door.

Christyn Boone. (Photo by Katheryn Spence)

“It was almost like a scene from a horror movie. As soon as I locked the door, the handle began to go up and down,” said Boone. “I began to panic and called 911 immediately.”

West 22 video surveillance shows the truck entering the premises. However, it did not show the man getting out of his truck and following Boone. Police arrived on the scene shortly after the call to investigate the incident.

The suspect had already fled the scene when the police arrived, leaving Boone with no answers.

“We take safety very seriously here at west 22,” said resident director Jorge Puentes. “We are one of the only off-campus housing sites that are a fully gated property. Residents are not allowed to own firearms or any weaponry. Our security cameras monitor every vehicle that comes in and out of our facility.”

Jorge Puentes, Resident Director at West 22 apartments. (Photo by Katheryn Spence)

Puentes went on to explain how two Kennesaw State University police officers are always on duty, even after hours, to ensure the residents remain safe.

There has been no update on the unidentified suspect. West 22 residents were issued an email from management to stress that everyone be more careful and aware of their surroundings.

Anyone with any information on this incident is encouraged to contact Kennesaw police and West 22 apartments.


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