KSU Athletics Emerging as a Top Sports Program in Georgia


KENNESAW, Ga. — Kennesaw State’s athletics program used to be the South’s best-kept secret, but now the secret is out. There is a new vibe in Kennesaw State athletics, and the athletic department is more than ready for it.

Kennesaw State athletics is doing its part to grow successfully with the university. As more students file in, the athletic department is taking a more hands-on approach to recruiting quality athletes who will successfully grow the Kennesaw State owl brand.

“There is tremendous energy and good feeling about the new Kennesaw State and people are starting to take notice,” said athletic director Vaughn Williams.

Kennesaw State is using that energy to dig into the local communities to recruit not just any athlete, but owl athletes.

Kennesaw State has all the facilities necessary to compete in recruiting. The amenities students have access to on-campus is limitless. There is a brand new recreation center. In 2014, Business Insider rated the commons as one of the top 15 best college dining halls.

“It’s mainly about relationships. I can only say ‘we have a top-five dining hall’ so many times,” said Liam Klein, recruiting coordinator for KSU football.

Liam Klein (Photo by Tyler Hulsey)

The Kennesaw State athletic program seeks to set itself apart from other programs by factoring in qualities like character and integrity. Kennesaw State is creating internal programs to develop kids on and off the field.

The owls champion initiative is presented by Henssler Financial. It is a program that Kennesaw State developed to help student athletes decide on career options. It also helps develop them mentally for life after sports.

“Is this kid going to fit our blue-collar, hard-working culture?” said Klein.

Academically, Kennesaw State has more to offer than ever. Kennesaw State already has elite departments in nursing and business. With the merger with Southern Poly, Kennesaw State adopted many new fields of study that will attract a broader range of student athlete.

Kennesaw State’s new engineering program allows Kennesaw State to compete with every school in Georgia for local talent.

“We are about reaching potential,” said Williams. “If you are not afraid to reach your potential, Kennesaw State is for you.”

You cannot succeed in recruiting without locking down your area. Local recruits are beginning to feel the energy here at Kennesaw State. Being so close to home, the local athlete still has access to their family.

Kennesaw takes pride in its family atmosphere and plans to use it as it emerges as a top school in the state of Georgia.


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