Truck and Tap Bar: Bringing Food Trucks to Woodstock


WOODSTOCK, Ga. — Truck and Tap Bar, which opened in fall 2015, is becoming a hit in the Woodstock area.

The bar features 12 draft beers from local breweries on rotation every week. They also feature different food trucks for lunch and dinner daily.

Co-owner Zach Yurchuck spoke about how the restaurant concept became reality.

“We wanted to make something where the food trucks would really be front in center,” said Yurchuck. “One of our partners had this property with all this space out back and the way laws in Woodstock work, food trucks have to park on private property.”

Mitch Jaffe is the CEO of a company called Prep, which provides the food trucks for Truck and Tap. Prep also provides food trucks for festivals and other places where they might be needed.

“We have a place call Prep and we house 36 food trucks there and a friend of mine owns this building,” said Jaffe. “He called me and said he needed some food trucks and we became more involved.”

Yurchuck also spoke about a new city ordinance that will make it legal for restaurants in the Woodstock entertainment districts to serve drinks in travel cups.

“It’s going to be pretty awesome,” he said. “We are basically going to have stations set up everywhere for these to go cups.”

Both Yurchuck and Jaffe have plans to further expand the Truck and Tap concept to other areas in the north metro area, but still aren’t sure exactly where.

With changes coming to downtown Woodstock, Truck and Tap will be able to further establish itself as a popular restaurant among locals.

Zach Yurchuck behind Truck and Tap Bar. (Photo by Juan Garcia)

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