Word Up! Aims to Bring Poetry to KSU


KENNESAW, Ga. — Word Up! is seeking new members to bring poetry to students at Kennesaw State University.

Word Up! was started in July 2015 by Cynthia Jile. She really wanted to give a platform for poetry writers to express themselves.

The organization hosts poetry readings. With these readings, the organization hopes to impact the audience by presenting poetry on deep issues. It also aims to help its members by boosting their confidence with public speaking.

“I joined Word Up! sophomore year because I wanted to get more involved on campus,” said president Janae Law. “I started writing poetry and I wanted to find a poetry club so I reached out to Cynthia.”

The organization tends to draw in a diverse crowd at its events. Its members collaborate with other organizations like the latin club and the African American student alliance.

In addition to poetry readings, Word Up! also sponsors writing workshops, open-mic and spoken words events. The group’s motto is to welcome all who have a story, no matter the color.

“The organization grew a little more after a year,” said vice president Chelsea Hill. “Janae invited me to an event. It was a big crowd of people afterward. They had an open mic night and it was very friendly and open environment.”

Because of current events, black lives matter poems are extremely popular this semester.

Looking forward, Word Up! is planning poetry slams and spoken word competitions for summer 2016.


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