Emory Nurse Helps Patients By Sharing the Gospel


ATLANTA — Emory University hospital’s staff includes many successful and capable nurses. One nurse in particular named Janice Stewart goes above and beyond the call of duty by spreading the gospel.

“The lord has truly blessed me,” said Stewart. “When I graduated from nursing school, emory was viewed as the top hospital. I was a kid with an associate’s degree praying for an opportunity.”

Stewart understood the way to beat others with higher degrees is with experience. She worked and volunteered with local hospitals in the Alabama area. Her schedule was strenuous, with school in the mornings and work in the evenings. She faced many obstacles in her pursuit of a bachelor’s degree.

Janice Stewart. (Photo by Alex Dudley)

“I experienced hardships just like everyone else,” said Stewart. “The difference between them and me is I was determined, determined to work for Emory and determined to make an impact on emory health care.”

Employees and patients at Emory admire Stewart’s work ethic and how she is not ashamed of her faith. She tries to make an impact on everyone she encounters by spreading the gospel while nursing patients back to health.

“That Janice Stewart, I don’t know if she’s a preacher or a nurse sometimes,” said Stewart’s colleague, Harriette Ogbodo. “She’s the hardest working nurse I know.”

In Stewart’s mind, she has two jobs: nursing patients and spreading the gospel.



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