Google Fiber Working to Expand Across Country


ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Google Fiber, an Internet and TV program, is breaking ground all over the nation.

Over 6o of the company’s employees have been working to engineer a safe but effective pole for the Google Fiber to attach to.

“Our client is working to provide very fast internet service all the way up to one-gigabyte-per-second and expanding into television service,” said Steven Johnston, Regional Operations Manager of Davey Resource Group.

Google Fiber has already started to develop in major cities and has been a success so far. These cities include Kansas City, Atlanta, Nashville, Boston, Tampa and Jacksonville. There are no plans for Google Fiber to reach the suburbs just yet. Project manager Jordan Brown predicts that in time, they will.

“I believe Google Fiber will begin with every major city in the United States and eventually spread to every residential and commercial facility wishing to utilize internet, telephone, cable, et cetera,” said Brown. “This will be an effort to compete and eventually replace existing current providing companies.”

Davey Resource Group hopes to finish up with its project in Raleigh and Charlotte by 2017. It is prepared to expand its services to other cities.

Davey Resource Group is also available for other services. You can check it out online at


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