The Truck & Tap Experience


WOODSTOCK, Ga. — Last August, a craft beer bar that offers a different food truck everyday opened in the heart downtown Woodstock.

Truck & Tap offers a different experience than other bars in the Atlanta area. It has a constant rotation of different craft beers ranging from India pale ales, stouts, porters, lagers, sours, and wheat beers.

Zach Yurchuck, part owner and manager of Truck & Tap, said, “We keep a rotating tap selection with 14 taps that will soon become 18 taps.” Yurchuck also said, “we strive to keep the latest and greatest beers in the world.”

Truck & Tap also offers a unique wine list. For the kids and non-drinkers, they offer hand-mixed sugar cane soda and nitro cold brew coffee. The bar has indoor and outdoor seating and four televisions. On Sundays, they often spin vinyl that creates a unique atmosphere.

An employee of Truck & Tap, Corey Peake, said that this bar is “one of the most unique concepts that I have been involved in.” Peake also said, “I like the idea of having a rotating beer bar and rotating food trucks, as well as meeting new folks that enjoy the concept of what we are doing here.”

The Food Trucks

Truck & Tap (Photo by Kyle Thomas)

Truck & Tap chooses from the best food trucks in Atlanta. Some of these trucks usually stay closer to downtown, but Truck & Tap is bringing them to Woodstock.

Chef Daron, owner of Island Chef food truck, said, “We have never come up to Woodstock before Truck & Tap opened, so now we have been able to establish a good following. Its really been great for us.” Chef Daron also said, “It’s a beautiful concept. You can get a variety of food trucks up here. Also a great amount of craft beers on a day to day basis. The trucks switch up as well as the beers.”

Atlanta food trucks are raising the bar for street food and the people of Woodstock are embracing it. Nowadays there are so many options for food trucks to show off their skills and their creativity. One of the popular food trucks at Truck & Tap is called King Kabob. They offer a chicken and waffle kabob drizzled with honey-sriracha sauce.

Another truck that brings out a huge crowd is called Tasting Maine. They offer everything from lobster to scallops to haddock. Truck & Tap features this truck almost every Saturday.

Food Truck Schedule 

Also keep an eye out for more Truck & Taps opening up in the near future. Yurchuck said, “We started Truck & Tap six months ago and its been a strong start. We are hoping to take this concept around the state and or the metro Atlanta area.”

Truck & Tap offers a different food truck every day of the week. The trucks range from several different kinds of cuisines like pizza, lobster, and Caribbean food.

Make sure to check the their food truck calendar so you can know what truck will be there for your visit.

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.14.19 AM.png

Truck & Tap Food Truck Schedule (Table created by Kyle Thomas)


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