(Bubble) Tea Time in Marietta Square


MARIETTA, Ga. — Bubble tea has swept the nation and is becoming popular with of people of all ages.

Bubble tea is a tea based drink that features tapioca pearls, also known as “bubbles.” It first originated in Taiwan and has taken the world by storm. It’s a good alternative for those who aren’t avid coffee drinkers.

Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar, located in Marietta Square, is a hidden gem to few and a local hang out spot for others. Owned by mother-daughter duo, Felecia Prezzano and Brielle Gaines, Tiny Bubbles has made a name for itself.

People come from all over to get their bubble tea fix. Melissa Groover, a Florida native, traveled all the way from Miami to get her fix on her way to Powder Springs, Georgia.

“I was praying their would be a bubble tea place on my way to Powder Springs,” said Groover, “I don’t know if I would’ve been able to survive the trip without it.”

If you’re like Groover and don’t live in the area, Tiny Bubbles has an online shop where they sell items from their gift shop and their loose leaf teas.

Located in the back of the store is a little gift shop with locally made goodies, such as T-shirts, pillows, jewelry, and loose leaf tea.

Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar. (Photo by Kiana Hanson)

“Tiny Bubbles actually started as a gift shop that my mom owned,” said Gaines, “the gift shop is still a part of the store.”

Gaines’ mother gave her ownership of the store and thus, Tiny Bubbles was formed.

Along with many other stores in Marietta Square, Tiny Bubbles and its staff pride themselves on supporting local businesses. Tiny Bubbles can often be seen posting shoutouts to other businesses such as The Corner Shop and Lenny’s Hair Salon on their social media platforms.

Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar is undergoing renovations to revamp their look and style and above all else, expand their space. What was once a a tiny little spot will soon expand to offer their guests more space and comfort.

Besides the customers, Tiny Bubbles’ owner Brielle Gaines appears to be the most excited about the upcoming renovations.

“I’m a little worried about how much I’m enjoying wrecking this place up,” said Gaines.

The renovations started April 25th and are set to be finished in an estimated two weeks.

To celebrate their renovations beforehand, Tiny Bubbles held a renovation reveal party where they uncovered the layout plans of the new and improved Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar. New changes are coming such as all new furniture and an improved tea bar to allow for more storage of products.

To keep up with the store’s changes and to have step-by-step updates, follow Tiny Bubbles Tea Bar on Instagram @tinybubblesteabar and visit their website.


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