Odyssey: A growing brand


KENNESAW, Ga. — Odyssey is a social media content platform that over 12,000 student writers around the United States produce content for readers all over the world to enjoy and debate over.

Odyssey relies on social media for sharing and discovery of content. With over 12,000 content creators, there is so much manpower to take on new media such as video, Snapchat, Periscope, photography and etc. There has been talk amongst staff members that Odyssey could become as well-known and popular around the U.S. as other online media.

Odyssey was launched June 2014 and has over 12,000 content creators, over 1,000 local communities and nearly 100 editorial and sales personnel. Odyssey was created to capture the ideas of many and organically amplify different viewpoints around the world.

KSU student interns in New York

The audience Odyssey aims for are millennials, which are persons between the ages of 18 and 34. It distributes over 50,000 pieces of content per month.

Odyssey allows readers to find everything they need all in one place and is a unique platform that allows people to see and engage with different viewpoints on topics of interest to them from thousands of creators.

What makes Odyssey unique to other websites?

“Odyssey is a social media content platform,” managing editor Alexandra Pisauro says. “Because it is fueled with content creators sharing their own work within their own networks, I do think it will become a household name. I think the opportunities at Odyssey are limitless. Odyssey is built to adapt with the ever-changing media world. It is the platform where tech and media collide.”

Odyssey has gained a lot of following in communities that have specific Odyssey branches. Most people know some of the writers on staff, which allows certain creators to have their own followers as well. The website allows you to follow creators whom you like so you can see every time they post a new article.

“On Instagram, I would follow someone famous and my friends,” Pisauro says. “With Odyssey, I would follow a content creator whose opinions challenge my own or make me think about a topic in a different way.”

Facebook is where most of the traction picks up for the articles, but other social media platforms have also been successful.

One of the more unique things about Odyssey is the following it has gained over the past two years.

“Content creators build a following around their thoughts and opinions,” Pisauro says. “Instead of just connecting people for social purposes, Odyssey is connecting people around ideas. If Facebook is the platform that connects people, then Odyssey wants to be that next layer that connects people to each other via a common idea or opinion.”

How can you become an Odyssey creator?

To get a position at Odyssey, you can fill out an application on its website by answering a few questions about yourself and the type of content you believe you could bring to the site. The editor-in-chief of whichever community you apply to will then look over your application and make the decision to go for a phone interview. The on boarding process is very unique to other practices.

“Odyssey hones in on a cultural fit, not just someone who tactically can get the job done,” assistant managing editor Angelina Matarozzi says. “Our culture is so unique and different, and we vet potential employees in that regard.”

Whom is Odyssey targeting?

Odyssey does not target any single demographic specifically. The social media platforms its articles get shared on are used by a wide variety of people. Each article is written by different creators and could be geared to different people.

“We have a large millennial-based group of writers, but they all engage with an audience differently,” Matarozzi says. “Because we have a chorus of voices, we have a similarly diverted audience.”

The brand is growing more each day and gaining a wider audience.

Between the unique hiring practices, variety of options on the website and a community built to share your opinions, Odyssey is making a name for itself.

The millennial generation has an outlet to share their thoughts, and the readers are able to open their minds to opinions that challenge their own.


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