KSU student interns in New York


KENNESAW, Ga. — Kennesaw State University senior Justin Adams has embarked on his journey to New York for his summer internship at Odyssey.

Adams has been writing for the Kennesaw State University’s Odyssey branch for nearly a year and was chosen out of hundreds of applicants to be on staff in the New York office this summer.

Adams is very passionate about his job at Odyssey, and being able to do the internship and see what is really happening in New York has opened a lot of doors for him and other interns.

“I think the biggest takeaway would be that the people in this company are some of the most hardworking individuals in the city,” Adams says. “They constantly are bringing new ideas to the brand and implementing positive changes. The changes will ultimately be the reason that Odyssey will be successful long-term.”

Odyssey: A growing brand

Justin Adams (Photo by Alexa Clancy)

Odyssey is an online magazine that many college students find themselves expressing their views and opinions. The objective of the website is to create and build conversation about topics that millennials find important. With over 12,000 content creators, a lot of articles are being published daily.

“This experience has been invaluable,” Adams says. “The constant feedback I have been given is invaluable from the people here. I also have been given the opportunity to start communities on my own all over the nation that will expand the brand. My time-management skills, communication skills and overall resume have benefited so much.”


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