Makeup artist uses social media to gain success


KENNESAW, Ga. — Being a makeup artist comes with great success and talent.

Montgomery Newcity, a professional makeup artist and hairstylist, knows because she’s been doing it for the last three years. Newcity, 19, lives in Savannah, Georgia, where she’s been building her clientele.

“My talent as a makeup artist has given me positive responses on social media,” Newcity says.

The makeup industry is a tough business to be truly successful in. Everyone nowadays feels they can be a makeup artist. So what truly sets people apart?

Sephora vs. ULTA Beauty: Which store does makeup better?

“Talent is measured through how many likes, comments and shares you get via social media,” Newcity says.

Newcity doesn’t do makeup and hair to make a living. She does it for a more noble cause.

“I do it to make my clients feel good about themselves,” she says.

She works with a wide variety of skin tones and provides her services for photoshoots, “nights out,” proms, weddings and pageants. Newcity finds herself doing more makeup for proms than anything else.

Newcity got interested in the makeup business after seeing myriad YouTube videos of other girls doing their makeup.

She now has a very popular YouTube channel, which has up to 900 views on some videos. She’s able to share her knowledge and love of makeup with the world through YouTube.

Newcity says the makeup scene in Savannah, Georgia, is very rewarding.

“I talk and work with a lot of ladies,” she says.

“I was able to do Taylor Blake’s makeup,” Newcity says. “She’s Vine-famous and came all the way to Savannah to get her makeup done.”

Newcity plans to attend Savannah Technical College to get her cosmetology license.

“I love the look on my clients’s faces when they look in the mirror,” Newcity says. “The makeup industry is all about empowerment.”


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