Acworth mayor cuts ribbon for local bakery’s grand opening


ACWORTH, Ga. —  Diner Bakery Company opened this summer, and its early success has garnered the attention of many in the local community.

The diner’s New-York-style concept is a refreshing new take for a restaurant in the South, filling a much-needed niche in the Acworth-Kennesaw area.

“We are so glad that they have made an investment in our city,” Acworth Mayor Tommy Allegood says. “We are proud of the fact that they have only been open 30 days, and they have exceeded their sales expectations.”

Owners Vasilios “Billy” Liakakos and Jo-Anne Liakakos stood shoulder-to-shoulder with their family, friends and employees as the mayor spoke on their achievements while sporting a giant pair of scissors.

Others stood back taking pictures, and a large crowd gathered in front of the entrance while they listened to the mayor, anticipating the soon-to-come celebration.

“We’re really excited about the Diner Bakery opening,” Allegood says. “They have a great product and a great service, and we promise as a city to support Diner Bakery Company.”

Several people surrounding the owners held the ribbon taut as Allegood snapped the scissors, cutting the ribbon. The crowd applauded as the mayor gathered the ribbon together and presented it to the owners as a memento of the special occasion.

Many others shook hands with Billy and Jo-Anne Liakakos, congratulating them on their success.

“There has been a lot of buzz — a lot of good feedback,” Jo-Anne Liakakos says. “The community is excited about us being here, everyone is coming, and it’s nice to hear people say we’re glad you’re here.”

Go to Diner Bakery Company’s website to learn more.


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