Cobb concrete company uses pink truck to support breast cancer


KENNESAW, Ga. — The ready-mix concrete and concrete services company, Ernst Concrete, makes a noticeable difference within the community with its standout truck, pouring support into breast cancer organizations.

The two-toned green trucks can be seen every day headed to job sites around Cobb County. But as of 2013, a new truck — one that is only located at the company’s Kennesaw facility — has been out on the streets of Cobb County making a difference in the lives of those impacted by breast cancer.

Ernst Concrete’s pink truck at its Kennesaw, Georgia, facility (Submitted photo)

“We will set aside a dollar for every yard of concrete that that truck hauls in a year period, which could be anywhere from $6,000 to $7,000 per truck,” owner David Ernst said.

In 2013, the family-owned company’s charitable board met to discuss ways the company could positively impact its community. Thus, the pink truck was born.

“We wanted to make it specifically for breast cancer organizations within our community,” Ernst said. “Our company has always tried to dedicate some financial or supportive ways in the community to try to help. Whether it’s charitable donations or services provided to whatever organizations that are in our community.”

While there is only one pink truck in Georgia, the company, which is in its fourth generation, has two other pink trucks at its facilities in Ohio.

To date, the company has raised roughly $42,000 for organizations concerning breast cancer.

“Our value statement is to help our communities around us and embrace different organizations in a way to benefit them,” Ernst said.

A few of the many organizations dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those impacted by breast cancer, which Ernst has been active in contributing to, are:

“There’s a couple of other ones that we will break those funds up and give it to those organizations, or they’ll do their own little fundraisers that we’ll participate in,” said Ernst.

Ernst prides himself in what has done so far to help their community.

Because the organizations the company is aids are in the Metro Atlanta area, Ernst Concrete and those involved are able to see for themselves what the money they raise is able to make possible for these organizations and the people they help.

“Sisters by choice has a 5k run down at Piedmont Park, and we’ve brought our truck down the last two years there and handed out marketing material,” Ernst said. “Part of the sponsorship goes toward their biggest thing right now, which is a mobile mammogram lab that is a big, giant RV that is equipped with test equipment that helps do examinations on ladies on breast cancer. So its helping fund that, but were just a little piece of it.”

Going about using the pink truck is simple. Those interested in helping these organizations as well as future ones need only to request it to be used for a job or a fundraiser.

“These trucks are very recognizable,” Ernst said. “It has a meaning. It’s not just pink for no reason.”

Family, hard work, dedication and a reputation for getting the job done are only a few of the ways people describe Ernst.

The company’s goal for the next five to 10 years is to continue to grow. With a resume like Ernst’s, a passion for community and unwavering dedication to its customers, this goal is a very possible one.

“There’s not a single time that I can see an Ernst truck and not get excited and proud,” said his daughter, Taylor Ernst. “Those drivers work hard every day of their job, so when I see them out on the road, I am extremely thankful for the time they are investing in Ernst.”


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