Locals go green with fresh produce delivery service


CHATTAHOOCHEE HILLS, Ga. — With only a year under their belt, the founders of delivery farmers market Green 4 Life ATL have been thinking “inside the box” as a way to supply fresh-farmed produce to metro Atlanta residents and consumers in a box right to their doorstep.

With Green 4 Life ATL’s services, customers are able to purchase fresh, nutritious produce of their choice directly from the farms and have them dropped right to their doorstep.

Green 4 Life ATL offers several benefits, including supporting the farm directly, eliminating the middleman, reducing packaging and carbon footprint, and supporting other local businesses.

90-day vegan diet changes lives

Another added perk is that the turnaround from the farm to the consumer is quite rapid because foods from other states are often older and have sat in distribution centers before heading to your local Kroger and Publix.

“It’s a local program for local consumers with local produce,” said Green 4 Life ATL co-owner Darius Acker. “We are growing a lot of fresh produce items for the Green 4 Life ATL boxes and bags, which will go out to whoever, wherever in the Atlanta area and surrounding communities.”

Green 4 Life ATL garden (Photo by Kelsye Acker)

But what if you hate tomatoes? Then you can simply swap the tomatoes for another item that is coming in that week.

And what if you love strawberries?  During the sign-up process, you can select certain items that you always want to receive. As long as they’re in season, they’ll be coming your way.

Getting the green to your door

“We bring in a diverse variety of produce each week depending on what is most fresh from the farms and pack each enjoyer’s bin full of the goods that they desire,” said Lee Muhammad, proprietor and farmer. “Every week, we ask them what is coming in most fresh from their farm, and they give us the rundown.  We then create bins that are well-balanced in diet and preferences. “

If you aren’t home, the service has a storefront that is open for those on the go.

Customers are able to shop in the trendy location and even engage in other services like Agri-Community Education Program, which offers cooking classes and recipes on how to prepare quick and healthy meals and a primary and middle school curriculum on sustainable food systems.

“We’re very cost-efficient,” Muhammad said. “Basically, we went into three different grocery stores and added exactly what it would cost compared to the others with adding up driving, time and gas we save you money.”

 Why eat local?

Did you know that the average piece of produce travels 5,000 miles to get to your supermarket? It’s crazy that your strawberries have more frequent flier miles than you do.

If that statistic bothers you, it might be time to start considering local farm foods.

Your local food travels a much less distance to the market than typical grocery store foods, which means using less fuel and generating fewer greenhouse gases.

Because of the shorter distribution chains for local foods, less food is wasted in warehousing and merchandising.

Along with being better for you, local food helps local farms survive and thrive, which can in return keep the land from being redeveloped into suburban developments and attractions.

Locally owned Green 4 Life ATL was founded by Darius Acker and Lee Muhammad in 2015. For more information on Green 4 Life ATL, visit its website or call 404-395-3302.


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