Young owls soar to success with Ignition leaders


KENNESAW, Ga. — Kennesaw State University’s Ignition leaders brought a new meaning to freshman orientation.

Freshman orientation started at the end of May and goes through the beginning of August. It’s a program designed to ensure a successful transition from high school to college.

Incoming freshman come from all over Georgia, the United States and sometimes different countries.

Alexander Stolz is a KSU freshman this fall, and he plans to major in political science. Stolz is originally from Miass, Russia, but he moved to Elijay when he was 4 years old.

“My parents didn’t want to let go when my older siblings went to college,” Stolz said. “But, with me, they are getting used to it.”

During orientation, freshman take ID pictures, go on tours of the campus and housing, eat at the Commons, attend the Student Organizations Activities and Resources Fair, go to breakout sessions, and select their classes for the fall semester.

Ignition leaders put a lot into freshman orientation, ensuring everyone that the transition will be smooth.

Ignition leaders at KSU (Photo by Ciara Hodges)

The Ignition leaders are hand-selected by Donald Coleman, director of orientation programs, and the rest of his team. They do their best to select the best students to represent Kennesaw State University well.

Orientation is the first formal contact the freshmen have with Kennesaw State University, so it needs to reflect the best qualities about the school to help ensure freshmen they’ve made the best decision in attending the university.

“KSU pride is the first thing that we look for when recruiting Ignition leaders,” Coleman said. “The recruitment process involves an individual interview and a group interview.”

Kristan Huey, an Ignition leader, was inspired by her former Ignition leader when she came to freshmen orientation.

“I have a sense of pride when I’m sharing school spirit,” Huey said. “My first choice was University of Alabama.”

The vigorous screening process to select Ignition leaders helps showcase the diversity at Kennesaw State University.

Lauren Young attended the orientation and learned some things that she could take away with her. Young plans to study criminal justice.

“This orientation helped me realize that I made the right choice by attending KSU,” Young said.

The SOAR Fair showcased different organizations that Kennesaw State University has to offer, from sorority and fraternity life to International Student Association and everything in between.

The SOAR Fair had a booth for every interest and was a good way to get plugged in before the fall semester.

The Commons is always the students’ favorite part of the day by a landslide. Incoming freshman and their parents finally get to eat the way Owls do with cuisine from local farms to global dishes.

Orientation at KSU begun at 8 a.m. and ended at 5 p.m. This year’s orientation was held Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The Ignition leaders ease the gap between high school to college, helping incoming freshmen better navigate Kennesaw State University before starting their fall semester.


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