Cartersville mansion home to history, events


CARTERSVILLE, Ga. — The Roselawn Mansion stands to preserve history and bring the community together through hosting community events and housing artifacts .

Peer over the fence of the Roselawn Mansion to catch a glimpse of history. Previously owned by renown evangelist the Rev. Samuel Porter Jones, Roselawn commemorates Jones’s life and hosts events on the mansion’s property for community involvement.

Located in the historic district of Cartersville, Georgia, Roselawn is the crowning jewel of this community. Built in the 1860s by local merchant Nelson Gilreath, this Victorian-style mansion was once a one-story cottage.

The Roselawn Mansion in Cartersville, Georgia (Photo by Kimberly Vargas)

Jones purchased the mansion in 1865 and began expanding the home, which flourished after many renovations. The home is seen as being a part of Jones’s legacy, and through preservation of his works, the home welcomes visitors from all over to come tour the home-turned-museum.

After Jones’s death in 1906, his wife and seven children continued to live there and add to the home’s beauty.

Jones was a renowned evangelist who traveled, spreading religion around the Southern region of the U.S.

Jones became a lawyer but later turned to preaching, honing a unique preaching style, drawing in and converting many groups of people. Jones’s first church was located in Rockmart, Georgia, in the Van Wert Circuit.

His teachings and preaching style led him to gain fame among the public in the region.

“Sam Jones was the Billy Graham of the time,” said Roselawn director Jane Drew. “We tell his story through the home, and I love the spiritual history that the home has.”

Plaque with description of the Rev. Samuel Porter Jones (photo by Kimberly Vargas)

The legacy Jones left behind is what makes the house an attraction for many religious figures and religion fanatics to come visit.

Roselawn welcomes more than 6,000 visitors yearly with tours and events alike.

Jones might be the primary reason for the home’s fame, but Roselawn gained its name from the roses on the ground.

The museum is home to more than 200 roses that were planted by Joness’ wife, Laura Jones, while the house was still a cottage.

In 2004, the museum began its garden restoration project, bringing the home back into bloom with 200 new roses.

In 2007, Roselawn was honored as a historic garden of Georgia with more than 200 heritage roses.

Holding events and weddings throughout the year, the community and travelers alike can indulge in the home’s beauty and history as it remains a staple in the community.

“What drew me to Roselawn was its history and who it belonged to,” Drew said. “I also love event planning for the community and coming together to preserve the home.”

Roselawn held its 41st annual Roselawn Arts Festival in September when only the highest quality of art is displayed from artists around the South.

In the spring, Roselawn hosts a May Market, which vendors from all over come to sell their goods and partake with the community.

“I love going to the events at Roselawn,” said Cartersville resident April Roberts. “They are always so welcoming and bring the community together.”

Roselawn was purchased by Bartow County in 1978.

The Etowah Valley Historical Society, the Pilot Club, the local chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and local families have taken part in furnishing the home.


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