Calhoun family business passes down torch, upholds legacy


CALHOUN, Ga. — American values still stand in the small town of Calhoun, Georgia.

The owners of Padgett’s Upholstry, the Padgett family, believe in passing down the torch and teaching their craft to every member of the family.


The Padgetts have been in the upholstery business since 1969.

Spencer Padgett opened up his shop in Plainville, Georgia, in 1983. He learned the trade from his uncle, who worked at fox manufacturing plant in Rome, Georgia.

Spencer Padgett (Photo by Amber Patton)

Padgett took what he had learned and started to run one of the more successful upholstery businesses in Northwest Georgia.

The business has since moved to McDaniel Station Road in Calhoun.

Legacy and going forward

Padgett’s nephew has stepped up and is helping with the business, but it’s now Padgett’s grandson who has taken the torch.

Lance West started to help his grandfather, who is preparing to retire. West has been working with his grandfather since he was 16.

Lance West (Photo by Amber Patton)

“While most teenagers were out with friends, I was learning a trade that will always be needed,” West said.

The family-run business stays busy from the moment it opens in the morning until the time it closes.

The grandfather-grandson duo knows how important small businesses are to the community. They know how important passing on the legacy of their work is.

“This is my grandfather’s legacy that I will keep going and pass down to my children and then onto their children,” West said.

The small family-owned business stays relevant working for some larger businesses in the Calhoun area.

The upholsterers repair booths and fabrics in large restaurant chains and fix car interiors for car dealerships.

The store is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and its phone number is 706-629-1281.


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