Family-owned barbecue nestles in Kennesaw


KENNESAW, Ga. — The Nest is becoming one of the more popular restaurants in Kennesaw, showing signs it’ll grow quickly.

People in Kennesaw know this town has plenty of franchise restaurants to choose from, but it has few family-owned, small business choices.

“We took these two houses from the 1800s, which were practically beyond repair, and breathed life back into them to create a place of community for Kennesaw,” said Brandon King, owner and operator of The Nest.

Brandon King (Photo by Noah Clark)

With the growing university nearby, The Nest’s owners have high hopes they could soon expand with other stores.

“Hopefully, this will create momentum for more opportunity in downtown Kennesaw,” King said.

The owners already have plans for seven different types of stores in the downtown Kennesaw area, King said.

“I dig the vibe here,” said The Nest bartender Byron Fullmer. “I like how it’s relaxed but with really good food and good beer without being snobby.”

After five months of success, The Nest ended summer 2016 with Christmas in July. Customers came with ugly Christmas T-shirts, celebrating with six specialty beers The Nest had for the event.


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