KSU powerlifter to compete in December

He sets bar to lift more than 500 pounds


KENNESAW, Ga. — A Kennesaw State University powerlifter is training for his next competition in December 2016.

Logan Florence began competing in powerlifting four years ago, and he now competes all over the Southeast. Florence was 19 when he first competed, and he’s been addicted to the sport ever since.

“I love the spirit of competition, the heavy lifts and the brotherhood of lifters,” he said.

Florence loves the sport because of his fellow powerlifters, he said. Florence stressed the strong fraternity feel among his peers as they push each other to be bigger, better and stronger.

The December competition Florence is currently training for is being organized by USA Powerlifting and will be held at CrossFit Chattahoochee, a local gym.

“Logan is extremely dedicated to powerlifting and trains harder than anybody I know,” said workout partner Zak Russel. “He follows a strict diet and gives everything he has during every workout. He never just goes through the motions.”

For his upcoming competition, Florence will be performing the bench press, back squat and dead lift.

“My goals for my next competition is to bench 300 pounds, squat 400 pounds and deadlift over 500 pounds,” he said.

Florence has six months to go before his competition, and he plans to work harder than ever before to come in first.


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