Historic Roswell cottage to become coffee shop


ROSWELL, Ga. — Canton Street’s historic Campbell Cottage is being turned into a coffee shop and bookstore set to open this fall.

Perry and Sandra Pettett petitioned the Roswell city government to allow the transformation of the nearly 200-year-old building into a cafe. The property was previously a law office until the Pettets purchased it and submitted a letter of intent for the transformation.

The couple’s proposals for the historic building have been approved by the Roswell Historic Preservation Commission after department meetings in May and June.

Roswell’s Campbell Cottage (Photo by Michael Strong)

“The building has been around since the late 1800s and has not been kept in great shape,” Perry Pettett said. “We purchased the property with the intention of making it an important part of the historic Roswell district once again.”

The couple initially intended for the property to become a small cottage inn, serving as a bed-and-breakfast. It would provide overnight lodging for guests as well as off-street parking for meals.

Most the 3,000-square-foot acreage comes from the back side of the house, which would serve as a sizeable parking lot. But the Pettetts changed their bed-and-breakfast plans and are now focusing on making the building into a small cafe and bookstore, which will serve coffee, lunch and desserts.

“We believe that our coffee shop will be a great addition to Canton Street,” Sandra Pettett said. “Since it is surrounded by restaurants and stores, it will be a great place for people visiting historic Roswell to stop and take a break.”

There will be minimal exterior changes made to the building in order to preserve the residential character of the 1920s the building has maintained.

There will also be no increase to the building’s footprint, according to the couple’s letter of intent presented at a Roswell city meeting. In order to be granted approval by the Roswell Historic Preservation Commission, the Pettetts were given design recommendations by the city.

“We were told that the historic Queen Anne style windows in the front of the house should be preserved,” Sandra Pettett said. “They also recommended that the old style railing on the porch be saved and reused on the new porch we build for the cafe.”

The property currently features a metal warehouse behind the main building.

Property listings for the location describe the warehouse as a 1,600-square-foot structure that could be used for a number of utilities.

The Pettetts originally intended to conduct renovations on the warehouse in conjunction with the house being turned into a bed-and-breakfast. The extra building in the back of the property would have been used for three guest rooms with covered porches.

The couple changed their plans to remodel the warehouse and now intend to remove the structure completely. Their plans for the warehouse changed when the decision to turn the property into a cafe and bookstore was made.

“The current structure is a deterrent to the aesthetics of the entire development,” Perry Pettett said.

The new coffee shop has yet to receive a name and is expected to open in the fall of 2016, but the Pettetts have not provided a specific date yet.

The Campbell Cottage is located at 1088 Canton Street, just south of Woodstock Road and just north of Norcross Street in Roswell, Georgia.


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