Local entrepreneurs share secrets of success

Passion, sacrifice required to start business


KENNESAW, Ga. — The world is filled with passionate people who are eager to make a living from something they love to do.

Patrina King, owner of Golf Women Mean Business, Joseph Daniels, owner of Joseph Daniels Body Sculpting, and Maretta Johnson, owner of Johnson Thomas Brown Productions, are all passionate people who put their eagerness to work and are making a living out of doing something they love.

Patrina King

King is the CEO and founder of Golf Women Mean Business. King said to be a successful business owner, you have to have that mind set, and you must set standards, create values and be valuable.

Patrina King (left) (Submitted photo)

“I don’t know if you know this, but people don’t value ‘free,’” King said.

Beyond social media

Also, you must be visible to your target audience. This doesn’t just mean post on your social media sites, send email blasts, or even go to one or two networking events. You have to be social, personable, and noticed within your target market.

“Your social media will get you the retweets, the likes and the selfies, but the personal conversations will get you the checks,” King said.

Joseph Daniels

Daniels is a fitness trainer who once worked in corporate America.

When questioned by one of his clients on why he didn’t pursue doing fitness training full time, Daniels had to ask himself that exact question. Daniels said he has always had a passion for fitness, but he never thought about seeking fitness as a replacement full-time job with a steady income.

Joseph Daniels (left) works with client (Submitted photo)

“I couldn’t convince myself to leave a steady paycheck,” Daniels said. “It was by far the hardest decision I had to do.”

July 2010, Daniels decided to take a leap of faith and leave corporate America to pursue what he said he believed was his true purpose.

Daniels struggled, like many other businessmen, to find consistent clients and a consistent paycheck.

Anyone who is thinking about owning a business should know it requires being able to network and be personable, Daniels said.

Importance of word-of-mouth

“You have to go out there and market yourself,” Daniels said.

Going out mixing and mingling is what will get you those first few clients, especially if you do not have the finances you need to kick start your company, Daniels said.

Once those first few clients see you’re genuine, you know what you’re doing, you’re passionate about what you’re doing and you like what you’re doing, word-of-mouth will bring in more clients.

Word-of-mouth is the best way to get clients because they stick, Daniels said.

If you hear from a friend, associate or family member about a product or service, you are more likely to try it out versus just Googling that product or service you were looking for.

Daniels has been living proof of what it means to make a living from his passion, and he is currently enjoying his newfound full-time employment.

Maretta Johnson

Maretta Johnson is the manager and mother of musician Jacques Johnson, and the creator and producer of two reality shows debuting in October on Peachtree TV.

Maretta Johnson emphasizes how important it is to keep pushing toward your goals regardless of what obstacles might come your way or what others may think of you.

Maretta Johnson (left) and her son, Jacques Johnson (Submitted photo)

The music and entertainment industry is a hard one to crack into, she said.

She mentioned how difficult it can be managing such a unique artist. Maretta Johnson said her son has never has tried to conform to fit the music trends, but he simply just does him.

Character sells

With starting any company, business or new venture, it is also important to remain true to yourself because that is what will sell, Johnson said. Your personality and character are so important.

Her son, Jacques Johnson, remained true to his character and his sound regardless of what styles of music people gravitated toward. This has allowed this mother-son duo to make a living from both of their passions.

Jacques Johnson, even though he doesn’t conform to the norms, is thriving in the music and entertainment business. Maretta Johnson is overwhelmed with joy seeing her son excel into the trade of his choice.

“When you are a mother, and your child has a dream and a talent, then you just do it,” she said.


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