Atlanta leaders urge women to get involved


ATLANTA — Women leaders in Atlanta are asking women to join them in the fight by becoming more involved in their own women’s health-related issues and in their own communities.

“We need to ask every single woman to run for office,” said the representative for District 58, Park Cannon.

Current progress gives hope to leaders

Cannon, 25, is a member of the LGBT community in addition to being a politician, making finding ways to be inspired imperative. She is encouraged that people are finally realizing that basic civil rights are basic human rights.

Park Cannon (Photo by Le’Dor Phoenix)

“I have moved into a place where I am starting to understand the importance of positive messaging — even on negative subjects,” Cannon said.

Cannon said public health is a sensitive topic for her, and it’s an issue that disproportionately affects minority women. Cannon has held hands with these women in her labor and delivery-room visits.

Staying positive, Cannon encourages the Department of Public Health to work with her. Other women leaders are urging women to become a voice.

Leader encourages speaking up

Emma Clemmons is the organizer for the Georgia chapter of 9to5, a national association of working women. She organizes around social justice and workplace policies for working women.

“I consider myself a feminist,” Clemmons said. “I see things from the lens of a black woman, the lens of a mother, the lens of a millennial, and the lens of a community organizer.”

Erica Clemmons (Photo by Le’Dor Phoenix)

A single mother of an 8-year-old girl, Clemmons is concerned that women still have a ways to go.

The larger issues for women are those with everyday life, such as not being able to take off work to care for a sick child without being penalized.

According to an HP study, women tend to apply for a job only if they’ve met all the job requirements whereas men seek to meet only 60 percent.

“Don’t count yourself out,” Clemmons said.


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