Pregnancy resource center staff ‘show love like Jesus’


ATLANTA — The nonprofit organization Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center strives to show that pro-abortion rights does not equal hate.

The argument of anti-abortion versus pro-abortion rights is a highly controversial topic, but Care Net volunteers want to bridge the gap between the two. The organization is anti-abortion, but the employees and volunteers do not believe in treating their clients as if they’ve made the worse decision of their lives by getting an abortion. Their goal is to show that abortions are not necessary, but it is ultimately the woman’s choice. Instead of turning those women away or shaming them with Bible verses, they simply show love.

“We just show love like Jesus did,” said staff member Shenelle Brown.

Brown is the clinical manager and sonographer at Care Net. She started as a volunteer 19 years ago, getting hired on two years later.

Her job consists of doing ultrasounds on pregnant women, providing information to expecting parents and giving options to women who do not wish to keep their babies.

Brown sees nearly 20-25 clients in a week and seeks to show each one the organization goes beyond just trying to advocate for unborn babies.

Unlike other pregnancy organizations, Care Net is located in an urban area in the heart of Atlanta.

It offers a class to expecting mothers/parents called “Earn While You Learn.” The program consists of eight classes that talk about pregnancy, birth, raising children and finances while participants earn points. The points are redeemed in its in-office baby store to buy baby supplies. All participants who complete the program receive a car seat at the end.

Information table at “Earn While You Learn” (Submitted photo)

In addition, Care Net has a fatherhood program that provides information to expecting fathers and to the boyfriends or husbands of women who are considering abortion.

Care Net resources are free, but the nonprofit does not treat its clients as if they were receiving a free service.

“We treat our clients better than the free service we give,” said executive director Sheleata Reed. “We’re life savers.”

Reed is post-abortive, which motivated her to show women the consequences of their decisions.

She said she thinks that the psychological damage and condemnation from an abortion is enough of a punishment. Reed wants to wake up the minds of pre- and post-abortive women as well as their parents, she said.

“The parents fail to realize that the same children they force to have abortions are the same children that have the power to put them in nursing homes or pull the plug when they are dying,” Reed said.

Care Net International established an Atlanta center in 2003.

Reed was hired as its first executive director in 2007. Since then, the Atlanta nonprofit has grown to receive almost 30 clients per week, not including returners.

Care Net receives funding from individual donors, fundraisers, grants and foundation donations.


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