PS4 tops Xbox One in sales

Local GameStop manager explains why


WOODSTOCK, Ga. PlayStation 4 sales have skyrocketed over the Xbox One sales at GameStop recently.

Lately, GameStop customers have been clearing PlayStation 4s off the shelves and showing less of an interest toward the Xbox One. Despite the price difference between the two game systems with the PlayStation 4 going for $300 and the Xbox One going for $250, the Xbox One is losing in sales.

Itee Erhabor is the manager and senior game adviser at GameStop. She described her job to be exciting and awesome.

“I enjoy coming into work for many reasons,” Erhabor said. “You never know what kind of crowd you’re going to get. It’s a great networking place because people of all genders and races come into GameStop. The different age groups of our customers on average can range from 11 to 40.”

Itee Erhabor (Photo by Kenneth Brown)

“PlayStation has been around for almost two decades now, so more customers are naturally attached to the PlayStation,” she said. “Gamers usually feel comfortable with the system they first started out with. Rarely will you see somebody switch over from a PlayStation to Xbox One. I would prefer a PlayStation 4 because of familiarity.”

Erhabor’s favorite game on the PlayStation 4 is “Borderlands.”

PlayStation 4’s specs

Aside from the original PlayStation 4 model, the game console comes in two other forms: The PlayStation 4 Slim is a portable version of the system to make it easier to carry around, and the PlayStation Four Pro will be released in the fall for $400.

“The PlayStation 4 Pro will have high-resolution and four-K capability,” Erhabor said about the console’s technical aspects. “It takes a while for the prices on the PlayStation 4 to go down, which is a turn-off for customers.”

Advantages of Xbox One

Some of the advantages of purchasing the Xbox One are that it is now backward-compatible, meaning it can play games from its predecessors, which the PlayStation 4 isn’t. The Xbox One is more affordable, and customers get more for their money.

“They give away more Xbox games in a bundle, and there are a lot of hidden deals,” Erhabor said.

GameStop has a purchase an Xbox One and receive a free $50 gift card deal.

Even with the deals, customers have complained that if the console is not updated, the game is slow. Also, customers have to purchase an adapter to use a headset, when in fact most systems do not require an adapter.

Why PlayStation sits atop

Guest adviser for GameStop Raymond Stephenson’s job consists mainly of putting games on the wall and making sure the store looks tidy.

“The prices you pay to play with your friends online are more expensive on the Xbox than the PlayStation,” Stephenson said.

The difference in price is $10.

The customers who purchase the Xbox One most likely previously had the Xbox 360, the console’s predecessor.

“Surprisingly, there was a time when the Xbox was selling more than the PlayStation,” he said. “It’s strange how this turn of events happened.”

Stephenson prefers the PlayStation 4 because it has more games suitable for online play.

“Most of my friends play the PlayStation 4 online, so in order for me to compete with them, I have to be team PlayStation — even though ‘Killer Instinct’ is my favorite game on the Xbox,” he said.


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