Bodybuilding, a woman’s business


ROSWELL, Ga. – Professional body-builder and trainer, Gina Shabazz, improves both women’s physical physique and their self-esteem by helping them to achieve their fitness goals.

Shabazz is the owner of Roc Fit, in Roswell, Georgia, formally known as Fitness Pro Wellness Center.


Gina Shabazz lifting weights at Roc Fit in Roswell, Ga. (Photo by Le’Dor Phoenix)

Shabazz said that the beauty industry is tough, but the fitness industry is even tougher, particularly for women. She also said she believes that women going through bad break ups, divorce, job changes, or problems stemming from their youth can experience weight gain due to stress.

“Ninety percent of the time, women are crying in my consultation meetings,” Shabazz said.

Shabazz considers herself strong in both character and physical stature, but said she empathizes and relates to other women’s body images and fitness challenges.

After having two kids in her thirties, Shabazz weighed in at 165 pounds at just five feet tall, and said she decided to make a lifestyle change.

“I was fed up with my body, so I took off running for miles, everyday, to find my balance,” Shabazz said.

Later, Shabazz met her current husband, Roc Shabazz, and gained much of her training experience by helping him to begin, and sustain, a winning streak of prestigious body building competitions, ranging from the popular NPC Nationals to Olympia.

Roc Shabazz, an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Professional (IFBB) calls Gina Shabazz his “rock.”

“It takes so much out of you to be so consistent when you prep for such a prestigious show,” Gina Shabazz said. “The best looking bodies in the entire world do this show.”

Their hard work proved not be in vain when the duo placed sixth in world at the 2008 Olympia.

Shabazz, as the operations manager, support trainer and a certified National Physique Committee judge (NPC), said she understands that women are obsessed with the images portrayed in media and fashion magazines.

“Young women in their 20s are doing liposuction, butt injections and breast augmentations, but are not working out,” Shabazz said. “They’re skipping the training part. Squats build your butt and bringing down your waistline will improve the look of your butt.”


Shabazz (center) with clients (Photo by Le’Dor Phoenix)

Now that Roc Shabazz has retired from competing, the couple focuses entirely on their by-referral-only business.

Roc Fit is home to many NFL, NBA and IFBB professionals such as Shaquille O’Neal, Ray Lewis, Ray Rice and Simona Douglas, to name a few. Day-to-day, Roc Fit has more than 75 people training between the hours of 5 a.m. and 9 a.m.

“You come with a plan and I will give you the blueprint to achieve it,” Shabazz said. “This is where change happens.”

For more information on Roc Fit, you can visit their website, here.


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