East Cobb baseball prepares for another busy season


MARIETTA, Ga. – Each year, thousands of youth baseball players make their way to the East Cobb Baseball Complex, located in Marietta, for the summer time baseball season.

Hosting many of the best youth teams in America, East Cobb is chosen for some of the biggest travel baseball tournaments in the nation due to its world-class facilities and reputation.

Representing its success are the 248 players who have played for East Cobb and made it to Major League Baseball — as well as the 229 national titles from its teams.

With youth baseball growing in importance each year, East Cobb is looking to be as packed as ever come the summer of 2017.

pic 1 baseballAmong many of the rare features that East Cobb offers, pitchers warm up in an isolated bullpen away from the field. The distance away from the action limits dangerous incidents from balls in play toward unaware players. (Photo by Tyler Duke)

pic 2 baseballScouting has become, increasingly, a part of youth baseball at younger and younger ages. East Cobb uses numbered seats directly behind home plate for scouts to take a look at some of the biggest prospects that take the field. (Photo by Tyler Duke)

pic 3 baseballSpending $9.7 million dollars in 1985, entrepreneur Russ Umphenhour built the complex to allow Guerry Baldwin — the current East Cobb President — the chance at developing young baseball players in top facilities. (Photo by Tyler Duke)

pic 4 baseballEast Cobb now covers 30 acres with eight baseball fields. For many of the teams and players coming from out-of-state, the complex hosts rooms on site for families to stay in during tournaments. (Photo by Tyler Duke)

pic 5 baseballThe fields feature a mixture of artificial turf, natural grass and manicured dirt for a safe and true playing surface. (Photo by Tyler Duke)

pic 6 baseballEast Cobb staffs a full-time Fields Operation Manager, Kenny Faulk, to take care of the eight fields, as hundreds of teams and thousands of players prepare to play throughout the summer. (Photo by Tyler Duke)

pic 7 baseballOf the 248 players that have taken the field for East Cobb and gone on to play Major League Baseball, some of the notables include Brian McCann, Dansby Swanson, Jason Heyward, Jeff Francoeur and Dexter Fowler. (Photo by Tyler Duke)

pic 8 baseballIn addition to the outdoor facilities, East Cobb has numerous indoor batting cages and training facilities that allow players to develop their game all throughout the year alongside, provided, coaches and instructors. (Photo by Tyler Duke)

As travel baseball continues to grow in popularity and necessity for youth players wanting to have a chance at higher levels, East Cobb has transformed into one of the premiere destinations for tournaments.

In July of 2017, more than 2000 players and 125 teams are expected to compete in a two-week event hosted at the facility to show off some of the best players in the nation.


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