A Young Entrepreneur’s Dream: The Art of Metanoia


ATLANTA– Just a year ago, Auriel Oates was scrolling through the popular social networking site, Tumblr, when she came across a word that caught her attention. The word was metanoia and it means the journey of changing your mind, heart, self or way of life.

It was in that moment that she realized that not only would the word stick with her, but she would use it to birth a great idea and begin her journey as a young entrepreneur in Atlanta.

“By working on different projects with close friends, I discovered my passion for the creative mind,” Oates said. “I especially found my passion amongst young people in the city of Atlanta.”

Today, Oates, a 21-year-old Georgia State University student, is an entrepreneur with a relatively large following and a brand that is growing and gaining recognition. The Art of Metanoia celebrates what its website calls today’s forward-thinking visionaries, dynamic innovators, and progressive believers of change by curating events that showcase all aspects of art.

She hosts events at various locations in Atlanta during which young artists display their art in   many ways.. The creative minds that fill these spaces include photographers, performers, painters and other artists.

“I want the community to feel inspired.” she said. “I ultimately want each guest that attends the show to experience some type of life changing moment, whether it be through the art they see, the performers they watch, or even the people they meet at the event.”

art of metanoia
People gathered at The Art of Metanoia event. Photo by Kiah Smith

The Art of Metanoia provides a positive place for young people in Atlanta to come and have their creative minds and artistic abilities appreciated and recognized. Unlike the typical art gallery that most are familiar with, The Art of Metanoia produces a unique event that changes the perspective of what your average, ordinary art gallery is. The goal of each event is to inspire the community as a whole.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, Taylor Wright, a 22-year-old Georgia State University student, attended an event for the first time this year and not only was she amazed by the overall atmosphere, but she was amazed how well the event was put together.

“She [Auriel] started from the ground up, that’s what’s so inspiring to me,” Wright said. “It’s important to know who your target audience is and you can tell that she has a clear understanding of that and made sure the event focused on her target audience.”

With the goal of Oates’ events being to impact the community in a way that inspires them and lets them know anything is possible, it’s clear by Wright’s reaction that she is on the right path. As a young entrepreneur, Oates has faced many bumps in the road, but that hasn’t stopped her from continuing to get better at growing her brand.

“Failures make a better success story in the end,” she said. “You have to believe in yourself before anyone else can believe in you and the vision you have.”


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