Paul’s Pot Pies Opens up a New Location


MARIETTA, Ga. – Paul’s Pot Pies are on the rise in the restaurant business with their new expansion in Kennesaw after being the talk of the town in Marietta Square.

Paul Lubertazzi, who is the owner and chef at both the Marietta and Kennesaw locations, plans to make his pies worldwide in the near future. He recently opened a new storefront in Kennesaw and plans to continue to expand. His passion is making people feel good.


“My pies are different,” Lubertazzi said. “There are people selling hot-dogs and hamburgers and I’m selling pies.”

It all started at his first restaurant by the name of Traveling Fare that offered a simple potpie on the menu. It wasn’t until a young lady came in and began requesting custom large orders of the potpie and bringing her friends along with her that the pie began to take its own spotlight. The potpie became the most requested item on the menu.

“We really enjoyed making pot pies, although we didn’t start as a potpie restaurant,” Lubertazzi said.

The menu offers an array of different types of pies from the classic chicken to the curry chicken potpie. Lubertazzi advises to try the Italian Sausage that consists of Italian sausage, mozzarella, provolone, marinara, bell peppers, onions, and zucchini.

Paul’s Pot Pies menu. Photo by Natasha McCrary

The pies are pre-made to order and come in a personal size or a family-sized portion and can feed up to six people or more. Customers are also welcomed to enjoy a pie right by the Marietta Square since his cook time is only one hour.

Lubertazzi also offers custom-made pies for vegetarians and customers who may not be able to eat certain things placed into the standard pies. He is interested in making the potpie accessible to anyone no matter what his or her taste buds are desiring.

The storefront is cozy but doesn’t offer seating and is not a sit-down restaurant. The stores offer more of a pick up and go type of atmosphere.

paul pot pies
Paul Lubertazzi holding his famous pot pies. Photo by Natasha McCrary

The wonderful thing about the restaurant in Marietta Square is that there is seating everywhere within the small town. Customers like Chambre Cooper are always coming by to pick up a pie and try a new flavor.

“These pies are definitely made with love and care and you can taste that when you eat these pies,” Cooper said. “A lot of places cannot offer that,”

Lubertazzi’s goals and aspirations for his business are to not only go worldwide with his potpies but to go global.


“I’d like to see my pies in local and nationally owned grocery stores,” he said.

He’d also like to mass produce his pies but keep them being savory and with the home made quality that they currently offer.

Lubertazzi has a desire to provide easy and delicious potpies to anyone willing to try them. He opened his first store in back in 1984 and continues to bring comfort food at an affordable cost without the loss of comfort.


1 thought on “Paul’s Pot Pies Opens up a New Location

  1. Love Paul’s Pies. The Italian Sausage is delicious!!


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