Local Health Store Treats Sickness Naturally

By Christobel Monago

ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Certified natural-health practitioners provide potential treatments for common maladies while traditional health care professionals recommend consulting a doctor before using any un-prescribed treatment.

Amruth Ayurveda is a natural health center in Alpharetta that claims to treat everyday problems and diseases naturally. With treatments based on traditional ayurvedic methods that originated in India over two thousand years ago, it advocates a change in diet, certain herbs and oils as well as other methods as treatment.

While patients may be looking for a fresh approach to health care, Dr. Esther Anosike, a clinical pharmacist, recommends that any sort of treatment be approved by a certified health care provider to ensure safety.

Amruth Ayurveda offers several physical treatments as well as consultations regarding diet and ayurvedic body types for their customers. Usha Pappu, a certified ayurvedic practitioner and an employee at the facility, said that they concentrate on the main forces of nature.

health store
An array of health products located at Amruth Ayurveda. Photo by Christobel Monago

“There are three main forces we always believe play a part in life,” she said. “It is all based on vata, pitta, and kapha. Everyone has different combinations. Once you know your body composition, which type you fall into, we will know the diet. Once you know your type, then you go with whatever is friendly to you.”

The different body types have different diets and sleep schedules. Pappu said that balance is the goal of ayurvedic treatment.

“According to ayurvedism, the healthy person should eat well, should sleep well, should eliminate well,” she said. “All the sensory organs, tissues, and digestive system should be in balance.”

The shop opened in December 2016 and Pappu studied for two years to get her certification. She said this has not always been a requirement.

“The history is passed from teacher to student. Initially, there was no official system, but we had to mix with modern technology.”

Amruth Ayurveda sells different herb blends and oils with some of them in the form of soaps, shampoos and lotions for topical applications. It sources its herb selection from American as well as Indian companies and brands such as Mountain Rose Herbs, which specializes in sustainable and organic certified herbs tinctures, and oils.

While natural health solutions may provide help for patients, Anosike, the pharmacist, highlights risks associated with natural treatment

“You should always consult your doctor or pharmacist before you take any medication. Prescribed or OTC (over the counter),” she said. “You want to know what you’re taking. You want to make sure that there won’t be any interactions with any drugs you’re already taking and with the food you eat.”

With natural treatments getting more mainstream and widely sought after, vitamin and natural health food shops are popping up everywhere. It provides more options for affordable and do-it-yourself health care which has its pros as well as its cons. There are also limits to natural health care as very few of them claim to cure juggernaut disease like AIDS or cancer.

Though there are limits, consumers have more choices now than ever before. It is their responsibility to know which choice to make regarding their health.


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