School braves Hurricane Irma aftermath to hold digital literacy colloquium


KENNESAW, Ga. – Kennesaw State University’s School of Communication braved the aftermath of Hurricane Irma September 14 to organize a well-attended colloquium on digital literacy at the Social Science building.

The colloquium offered several breakout sessions to students and professors to learn some of the newest advances in digital literacy and their intersection with professional journalism. The concurrent sessions included “Adobe Spark- What can you create?,” “The News Process: A digital tsunami,” “Digital Careers: Atlanta Food Bloggers,” “Digital and the Professions,” and “The Changing Media Management Landscape.” Each of the sessions was offered twice and separated into time slots.

“Digital Careers: Atlanta Food Bloggers” had one of the biggest turnouts during its first session. The panelists included Megan Roth and Kathleen Cone of Hungry Girls Do it Better, Morgan Bryant of Eat Here ATL and Olivia Tuttle from Melissa Libby & Associates. Dr. Erin Ryan, associate professor of communication in the Media and Entertainment Studies program of the school, served as the moderator for this session.


atl food bloggers
The panelists from left to right: Olivia Tuttle, Morgan Bryant, Megan Roth and Kathleen Cone. Photo by Ciara Hodges

“The food scene in Atlanta, is forever changing,” Bryant said. “That’s why I wanted to create Eat Here ATL, to have a space that had everything there. From places to hangout and places to eat.”

This is the fifth year the colloquium has been held. Industry experts also taught students about innovation in classrooms to help students be better prepared in the working world.

“I never thought we would have a colloquium that was impacted by Hurricane Irma,” said Dr. Barbara Gainey, director of the School of Communication and Media. “With recent events happening with hurricane season, the school of communication thought digital literacy was a hot topic.”

She also pointed out that the Georgia Board of Regents recently approved the Organizational and Professional Communication program as a new stand-alone major effective fall 2018.

Many professors from the school of communication were there to help students network with the panelists.

“They’re working on promoting digital literacy,” said Skyler Lydick, an undeclared sophomore who said she enjoyed being able to interact with both students and professionals.

Dr. Gainey said the Georgia News Lab will now be housed at Kennesaw State University, and that scores for the new entrance exam to the School of Communication and Media have been raised to 78 percent.


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