Local Thrift Store Tells Their Story


KENNESAW, Ga. – Tucked away lies a secret store full of one-of-a-kind, hand-picked pieces of clothing set at reasonable prices.

Ecologie is a resale and vintage family-owned clothing store on George Busbee Parkway that buys clothes from the public and local thrift stores to guarantee customers irreplaceable pieces at practical prices.

“We are resale, so we buy out from the public sort of like Plato’s,” said Ally Frazer, an Ecologie employee. “But our aesthetic is different. It’s not just the regular looks that everybody else is wearing.”

Ally Frazer standing in the aisle at Ecologie. Photo by Bonnie Gerchicoff

Ecologie has been open the past seven years with the same owner. The owner often locally shops around to find distinctive pieces at estate sales and thrift stores but most of the inventory is bought out through the public. People of all cultures, races and ages come to Ecologie bringing bags of clothes for the staff to sift through. If the staff likes what the seller brought in they will offer that seller money or store credit.

“We’re kind of trained to know what sells and what doesn’t,” said Frazer. “So we pay attention to what sells fast and what doesn’t. But it’s mostly things within the last two years. We do a lot of research online to know what’s selling at Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie.”

Ecologie is a store filled with a little bit of everything where anyone can find something that fits her individual style.

“We try to find more unique pieces,” said Frazer. “We definitely cater to the festival girl but also the girl that just wants to blend in and we also cater to moms. So we try to cater to everyone but mainly festival looks.”

The store is organized in a way where it’s orderly enough but digging through racks of hangers may be required to find the good stuff.  The culture of the store is a mix-match of hippie, vintage, and girly clothing.

“I shop at Ecologie because they have good prices, great fashion, and great staff,” said Josselyn Thornton, customer of Ecologie. “The store has a lot of Bohemian, vintage and chic type of looks.”

Some challenges facing Ecologie are that they rely so heavily on the public to bring in fashion forward clothing.

“When we get really good pieces, they leave really quickly,” said Frazer. “Finding those really unique things that are going to bring people back is a challenge.”

Similar stores exist like Rag-O-Rama and Buffalo Exchange but not in the Kennesaw area. Loyal customers come back to Ecologie because of the fantastic prices, original clothing and the deep-rooted customer service.

“I just constantly have an eye on customers and getting them fitting rooms so they don’t have to carry around clothes while they’re shopping and I try to figure out what they want to wear to certain festivals or events,” said Frazer. “And helping achieve an overall unique style.”

Although Frazer is an employee, her hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Customers also notice the staffs desire to help.

“The customer service is just great,” said Thornton.

The small, family-owned business is one of the greatest secrets in Kennesaw. All women and girls can find a statement piece at Ecologie. The store’s success comes from limited competition, excellent customer service, and rare clothing pieces.



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