Local Pageant Queen Hands off her Reign to Newcomers


ATLANTA — Miss Georgia United States 2016 is ready to crown the next special girl after a not so pretty, yet remarkable reign that only an actual queen would have been able to pull off.

Aisha Miller, 26, from Effingham County, Georgia, confirms that being a beauty queen is much more than a pretty face and a killer body. She said it takes the resiliency and the courage of a warrior in order to proudly wear that big sparkly crown. Other pageant competitors agree that this warrior principle is not solely for the winner, but for the contestants who did not walk away with the crown, as the preparation takes some serious endurance.

A gorgeous, long legged lady with a smile that glistened even brighter than her crown dishes all as she talks about the good times and the challenges she had faced during her reign as well as her new successor.  Miller competed for the Miss Georgia United States title in April 2016 and walked away with the sparkling crown that would forever change her life.

Miller had competed three times before, not even making the semi-finals. However, a dream combined with true dedication made 2016 her break-through year.

“Being crowned Miss Georgia United States is certainly an honor, but my reign was not at all what I had expected, myself and my sister queen, who was a Teen Miss for Georgia were orphaned just a couple months into our reign,” said Miller.

The director who handled the state of Georgia sent an unexpected and informal Facebook message out of nowhere saying that she was wanting to pursue other things, and left Miller and her teen sister queen on their own.

“While that incident was a complete shock, I took it as an opportunity to network and plan my own events in order to make this year exactly what I had imagined,” said Miller.

Making 2016 her dream year is exactly what she did, promoting her platform she held dear to her heart, Meals-On-Wheels. She had been delivering meals to the seniors through the program since she was a young girl.

Harine Patel was another competitor who competed for the title the same year as Miller and she also shared the dream of becoming a Georgia title holder.

“I made first runner up that year,” Patel said. “It was a disappointment, and I remember having to just hold it together until it was time for me to leave. However, pageants have changed my life and taught me so much. I have made lifelong friends.”

Patel also said that she had competed numerous times, and won smaller titles.

On the evening of May 7, Miller passed her crown to Shiobahn Frazer as the new Miss Georgia United States. Miller had some valuable advice for her successor.

“Be ready for anything,” she said. You never know what kind of challenges are going to be thrown at you. Also, take advantage of your crown, network and make connections.”

Referring to Frazer, Miller said, “She will have to be able to handle both rejection and opportunity with poise. Being able to withstand the punches is necessary in order to be successful in pageantry and in life.”

After Miller gave her farewell speech, she said she will seek a degree in journalism at the University of Georgia. Her new dream is to have a career as a television personality working for E! News.


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