Megan Moroney Follows in the Footsteps of Her Music Inspirations


ATHENS, Ga. –- Young musician, Megan Moroney took her music career to the next level after opening the show for country artist, Chase Rice at the Georgia Theatre.

Performing at the Georgia Theatre was so special to Moroney because she was able to perform with her family, and sing on the same stage as her music inspirations, country music singer-songwriters Kacey Musgraves and Marren Morris.

“Her voice and style of playing reminds me a lot of Marren Morris,” said Abbey Coopenger, who attended the theatre the night Moroney performed.

As a singer and guitarist, Moroney has had the opportunity to perform at many different music venues locally in Athens and throughout the state. However, the performing at the Georgia Theatre is Moroney’s most memorable experience thus far.

“When I opened for Chase Rice at the Georgia Theatre, I played an acoustic set with my two guitar players that happen to my dad and my oldest brother,” Moroney said. “Just going through the process of playing at a place like that with my family was incredible — loading in, sound check, hanging out in the green room, signing the wall backstage, and watching the place clear out — all of it.”

 Moroney said she had never played for such a large crowd before. The Georgia Theatre, which holds 1,000, was sold out at the time of her performance and the atmosphere of playing there was life changing for her.

 “I still kind of don’t believe it, like I will ask myself when I look back at pictures, Did you really do that?” Moroney said. “Some of my biggest musical influences like Kacey Musgraves and Marren Morris have performed at the Georgia Theatre.”

Kacey Musgraves and Marren Morris are both popular country music stars and have influenced Moroney’s music career in a huge way.

Musgraves won two Grammy awards this year, one for Best Country Song for “Merry Go ‘Round,” and the other for Best Country Album. Morris also earned her first Grammy at the 59th Grammy Awards for Best Country Solo Performance for “My Church.”

The Georgia Theatre played a crucial role in both of these artists’ careers, both having the opportunity to perform at the theatre early in their journey to fame.

“They are huge artists in country music and Grammy winners living out their dream, and I was just a freshman that had a final the next day,” said Moroney. “Going into it, I knew that many respectable artists had taken that stage, so it put that much more pressure on me to perform.”


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