Sequoyah Football Senior Receives Multiple College Offers


CANTON, Ga. — Sequoyah Chiefs’ football player Griffin Pizzano has captured the attention of a handful of colleges across the United States.

The 6 foot 3 inch, 270-pound senior at Sequoyah High School plays both center and guard for the football team.

Pizzano has received offers from Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Saint Mary, Occidental College, Birmingham-Southern College and the University of Rochester.

Assistant coach Cole Cloer says the size, power, athleticism, leadership and academic achievements Pizzano has shown make him an athlete college coaches want in their programs.

“To be able to have the season like I have has meant a lot to me,” Pizzano said. “I have worked extremely hard throughout my high school career to have this kind of an opportunity.

“I make sure I put school and my education first, and then football comes second. Fortunately, I am able to combine the both of them next year.”

Pizzano has obtained a 4.0 while taking six honors classes and six AP courses/exams. Although he has not committed to a school yet, he says he looks forward to furthering his education and athletic playing career.

“I can’t thank my coaches enough for all they have done for me during my time here at Sequoyah,” Pizzano said. “They have helped me become a better football player, but more importantly, a better man.

“I want to give them everything I have for the remainder of the season. What better way to thank them than to help this team win the state championship.”



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