Dermalogica Continues to put the ‘Fabulous’ in Facials

Dermalogica provides different skin treatments to target problem areas and promote healthy looking skin.

Precleanse Balm is Taking the Face by Oil


ATLANTA – The room is set to a comfortable temperature and the waves soundtrack is on as you climb into the bed. Your robe fits just right and the headband over your head, keeps your hair from out of your face. You are waiting on your skin expert to start your MicroZone Facial.

This is often the day-to-day that happens at Dermalogica which is located in Atlantic Station. Clients book their appointments ahead of time or walk in to get their skin treated. All services are performed in the Microzone pod; and the Atlanta Dermalogica location has one.

microzone pod
The Microzone Pod located inside Dermalogica. Photo by Ciara Hodges


Clients spend about 30 minutes to an hour and a half on average when they go to Dermalogica. Each visit includes the treatment session as well as a question and answer session with the assigned skin expert.

About Dermalogica

Dermalogica was founded in 1986 by Jane Wurwand. She was a trained skin care expert back in the United Kingdom, but when she arrived in Los Angeles, she realized America’s skincare standards weren’t up to par. So, she created a line of products, after starting up the International Dermal Institute, which is the school she founded in California.

Wurward created the product line after she couldn’t find any products she could stand behind that were already out on the market. Dermalogica has been around for 31 years and it’s still growing. The company has reached 80 countries and has over 100,000 certified skin experts.

What makes a facial?

There are different types of facials that are offered for different skin types. The facials tend to stay the same as in the step-by-step process, but the products used makes them different and unique. “I love being able to customize the facial to fit my client’s skin care needs,” lead skin expert Tia Cochran said.

Cochran has been with Dermalogica for four years and loves the product and knowledge she’s gotten along the way. With clients being their focal point, the skin experts at Dermalogica really tailor the facial to their needs.

“What facial products are you using right now,” is a question that’s always asked before planning a skin care regimen for the clients. When skin experts know all the current products being used by the client, it makes it easier for them to identify the problem areas that need to be targeted. It also helps with recommending the right products to ensure healthy looking skin.

Services provided by Dermalogica

Dermalogica offers several different facial options and treatments. The face mapping skin analysis is a service provided to help the client find skin care goals and provide the proper products to help reach them. The face mapping skin analysis is usually done, before clients dive into their facials or treatments.

Dermaloica offers two express treatments called: Facefit and Microzone. The Facefit treatment is a seasonal treatment that takes 10 minutes and offers the latest products for the skin. The Microzone treatment is a 20-minute service that is customized to target one area of skin concern for the client.

Dermalogica offers two signature treatments called: the Dermalogica Skin Treatment and the Bioactive Peel. The Dermalogica Skin Treatment is 60 minutes and includes a double cleansing regimen, exfoliation, masque and electric modalities.

The Bioactive Peel is a 45-minute service that uses chemicals to target uneven skin, breakouts and aging. Microdermabrasion is another 20-minute service that resurfaces the skin to give it a smooth texture.

Products offered at Dermalogica. Photo by Ciara Hodges

Where is Dermalogica offered?

“I love it when I have clients that keep up on their skin care routine,” esthetician Charlotte Heine said. Heine works for ULTA Beauty at the Kennesaw location and is a licensed esthetician. She’s been at the Kennesaw location for a few months and loves what she does.

Dermalogica services are offered at ULTA, La Vida, Massage Heights, Zen Massage and Hand & Stone. These are some of the national accounts Dermalogica has. It is also offered at smaller, private companies. The one rule is there must be a licensed esthetician at the location to administer the different services.

Products are also sold at most of these locations. The services offered range from $10 to $310. For return clients, special perks are offered to keep them coming back. Different locations offer different incentives.

Why choose Dermalogica?

Dermalogica was created to offer healthy skin for every skin type. Each product builds off the other and creates a nice skin care regimen. The skin experts are trained and are able to create the most effective regimen to help tackle the client’s skin concern or goal.

“The first time I got a Dermalogica skin treatment, I fell in love,” Victoria DeWoody said. She’s been getting facials done for about two years and uses a daily regimen.

“Clients must understand that when treatments are performed, depending on the time of the last one, blemishes can arise on the skin; but it typically goes away in one to two days,” Cochran said.

Clients should get a facial at least four times a year. It’s best to do it around each season change.


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