Precleanse Balm is Taking the Face by Oil


ATLANTA – It goes on like an oil. It’s really slippery and loose. Once you add water to it, it begins to turn into a milk-like substance. What was once a clear liquid being applied to the face, is now white in color and starts to strip the face of dirt, oils and makeup. This product belongs to the Precleanse family of Dermalogica products. The product is offered in a balm formula, which is ideal for people with dry skin and a liquid formula for people with normal or combination skin.

The Precleanse step in the Dermalogica skin care routine is the first step of the process and ensures that the skin will be given a great clean. The product goes above and beyond most makeup remover wipes. It really takes away the haul of the day and prepares the skin to open up and enjoy the cleaning process.

“I’ve been using this product way before I started working here,” lead skin expert Tia Cochran said. She’s been working with Dermalogica for four years and enjoys all of their products for her skin care needs as well as her clients.

The Precleanse balm starts off as a solid then turns into oil to wash away all of the impurities. It’s a great way to ensure that the skin looks healthy and glowing.

Dermalogica offers a wide variety of products for all skin types. This includes oily, dry and combination skin. Setting up a skin analysis with a skin expert will help recommend the best products to use for the skin.

“I just think Precleanse is a really great product that you can’t find anywhere else,” Cochran said.

Dermalogica has been offering beautiful skin to the greater Atlanta area and around the world for 31 years and it continues to grow. The products introduced continue to change the face of skincare.


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