Tattoo Care and Safety


WOODSTOCK, Ga. — Tattoos are meant to last a lifetime, but without proper care they can begin to look damaged and fade over time. Straight Edge Tattoo provides its  clients with the proper materials and advice to care for their tattoos short and long term.

Staff brainstorm new ideas and work on client mock ups at Straight Edge Tattoo. Photo by Austin McMillan

Tattoo artist Bryson Kanouse said the shop uses the product Saniderm for short term care. Saniderm is a clear bandage that works as an artificial scab.

“It’s also used on burn victims,” said Kanouse.

Saniderm moisturizes the tattoo which makes that wound heal faster. It also traps your body’s natural fluids and enzymes to provide better healing as well. Since the wrap is also trapping dead skin cells in your body, it can decompose them more efficiently which allows for it to produce new cells fast, in turn speeding up the healing process.

When it comes to long-term care, Kanouse recommends being careful when it comes to being in the sun.

“Don’t bake out in sun tanning beds,” said Kanouse.

Not only does Straight Edge provide its  clients with long term safety for their tattoos, the artists are also very aware of the dangers in the shop. Artist David  Mosher said every artist is certified in bloodborne pathogens safety, CPR, and first aid. All the artists get their certifications renewed annually.

“The most important part is making sure everything is sterile,” said Mosher.

If you want to learn more about aftercare and what Straight Edge Tattoo recommends visit their website or contact the shop for more information.


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